Anxiety Detox Workshop

with Susan Urban, Transformation Coach How would you like to eliminate anxiety? @Roslyn Salt Cave

You are a perfect fit for this workshop if you want to….Stop worrying and feeling anxious all the time
 Feel more secure about yourself instead of tense all the time
 Overcome overwhelm, self doubt, procrastination, and nervousness
 Be Free of self sabotage, mental and physical fatigue, and unworthiness
 Have calm, peace and clarity
By the end of this workshop you will:
*Be able to overcome stress and anxiety by using simple and powerful techniques

*Eliminate negative thinking and projections of worst-case scenarios
*Be able to use the power of your mind to respond to stress with confidence and competence

*Achieve your goals faster without any stress or anxiety

*Improve overall life quality and energy levels YOU WILL RECEIVE TRULY LIFE TRANSFORMING BENEFITS!!!

Please call Roslyn Salt Cave at 516-629-7089 to reserve your seat
APRIL 18th 7pm to 7:45pm


For additional information, visit the Anxiety and Hypnosis page.

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