Susan Urban is the President of SUSAN URBAN FITNESS, INC., Transformation Expert for Women over 40

She is certified through Marymount Manhattan College ( Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer) , American Council on Exercise ( Personal Trainer, Weight Management Specialist, Lifestyle Coach), AFPA
(Nutritionist), Metafit, IndoRow, and Pilates Mat 1.

Susan has been involved in all aspects of the health and fitness industry as a Gym Employee with Lucille Roberts, and North Shore Fitness, Co-Chair of Health and Wellness Committee of Manhasset School District, and Coach to over 5oo Private and Group Training Clients. She has been helping people improve the quality of their lives through fitness for 17 years.

Susan started Susan Urban Fitness 15 years ago with a passion to help people make sense of all of the marketing hype and gimmicks so prevalent today.

By using science based programs and formulas with predictable results she has been helping people jump off of the dieting merry-go-round, reach their fitness goals and improve the quality of their lives.

Susan specializes in Lifestyle Coaching, Weight Management and Fitness programs designed for women over 40, who hate to exercise and who have tried every diet only to gain their weight back.
As a Transformation expert, Susan is passionate about working with women over 40, who want to become the best version of themselves.

At Susan Urban Fitness we provide everything our clients need to be successful with their health and wellness.
We provide the guidance, motivation, accountability, personalized workouts, individually customized-registered dietitian approved meal plans. Results are 100% predictable.

Susan Urban is available for workshops and seminars and is a contributing writer for the following print and online publications:

Manhasset Press
The Pulse

Susan’s Story and her “Why”:

In my early 20s I was 30 pounds overweight. I smoked and ate fast food. At the age of 21 I arrived in America, full of hopes and dreams. The only thing that stopped me from living my dream in this amazing new world was feeling sluggish, heavy, fatigued and uncomfortable in my own skin. I just knew there had to be a better way. 

One day I decided I wanted to lose weight and that nothing would stop me from achieving my goal of becoming fit, vibrant and healthy. I sought out all the exercise videos, started watching my portions and replaced processed foods with whole foods. I loved watching my transformation and was in awe of what my body could do and how amazing it could feel. I loved feeling alive, confident, sexy, and vibrant. I was so grateful for how I felt, and made a commitment to NEVER become overweight again.

Then, life presented another challenge. I had a family. Feeding kids and a husband with different tastes, healthy meals as well as maintaining my workouts and fitting it all into the chaotic schedule of a family wasn’t easy at first. I didn’t know HOW to create or cook nutritious meals so I started with cooking lessons and later became certified as a nutritionist. I now had all the tools I needed to feed my family healthy, nutritious meals and was inspired to help other women as well. 

 My experience and education as Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach has taught me that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is about finding a plan that works for life as well as working for YOUR life. It has to start in your head. It’s about making yourself priority every day and knowing that the fitter and more energetic you are the better wife, mother, sibling and employee you will be!
Today I understand that being at a healthy weight is just a small part of feeling great and healthy and am passionate about helping other women discover the “secrets” to eating more, training less, feeding their families and fitting it all into the chaotic lifestyle of a mother!