Radio Interview with KC Armstrong at WMAP

Get inspired and motivated to be fit..mind and body! Susan Urban Fitness Mind and Body will show you how!

One of the most important services our company provides is the transformation of the over 40 woman. Every season has it’s own benefits and challenges. We help the over 40 woman rise to the occasion and be her personal best.

Over 40 brings changes in all areas of life. Not only do we help you address your challenges, but we educate our clients and equip them with the information they need for what can be the best time of their lives. Then we celebrate your triumphs together in a supportive group of women like you!

Susan Urban uses Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy to help rid her clients of anxiety and symptoms. Often we allow challenges to hold us back. Susan provides individual and group sessions that leave that constant state of worry behind, which opens the door to total transformation.

Below you will find a link to our radio interview with KC Armstrong at WMAP. His show, “World’s Most Amazing People” is dedicated to inspiring and celebrating the triumph of human spirit over adversity.

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2019 Spring Transformation Challenge

Happy almost Spring!  I hope you had an incredible start to 2019.

It feels like we just started a brand new year, and now is the perfect time to start fresh and make the changes you need to lose that winter bloat and get your body to where you want it.

If you’re anything like most people, you probably found yourself unbuttoning your pants over the cold season.It just seems to sneak up on you! First it was Thanksgiving, and the next thing you know its January, then February and you’re 5-10 pounds heavier and your clothes are all fitting a little tighter.I completely understand! That’s exactly why I’ve created a Done-for-You Solution that will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to drop 2 pants sizes, lose that holiday bloat, and get your energy back….all in 28 short days! It’s literally a BLUEPRINT for success…so that in just 4-weeks, you’ll be able to completely transform your body.
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If you have any questions or want to make sure this challenge is for you, then simply call us at 516-817-3537.

Happy Spring!
Susan Urban

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Brian Wasnik, Professor at Cornell University did research on why we overeat and how external cues influence us. Here are some revealing facts:

·LARGE BAGS. For moviegoers: when people were given a larger bucket they ate anywhere from 34 to 45 percent more, depending on the freshness of the popcorn.
·DISTANCE. Secretaries who had Hershey Kisses sitting directly at their desk ate about 9 candies each day. If the candy was placed six feet away from the desk, they only ate about four pieces.

·NAMES. Some cafes revealed that if they called their “Italian pasta” “Succulent Tuscany Pasta” sales jumped 27 percent. Same goes for “chocolate cake” and “Belgian Black Forest Cake”. If you see a fancy name, you will be led to believe that tastes better.

·ENTERTAINING. When you entertain, make sure that the first thing your guests eat is your best thing that you cooked. It has a powerful halo effect on everything else you will serve.

·EXPECTATION. People perceive a brownie or any other foods served on fancy china to be remarkably better, than served on napkins or paper plates. Next time you have people over for dinner, put out the nice china, pretty tablecloth and candles and people will think the dinner is amazing.

·FAMILY STYLE. If you leave food on the table, as in family style people will eat more.

·SPEED. If you are paired with a person who eats fast, you will eat about 50 percent more during your meal, than if you were sitting across somebody who eats slowly.

·REFILLABLE BOWLS. People were given unknowingly refillable soup bowls and ate 73 percent more than others. Their explanation was, “how can I be full? I have half a bowl of soup left.”

·ORGANIC. If people are given food labeled “organic” they estimate the caloric content to be 15 to 20 percent lower than nonorganic food.

·LOW FAT. If you give people a food that they think is low-fat, they eat 21 to 46 percent more calories. Their explanation is that if you eat something that isn’t as good as the real thing, you deserve a little bit more.

·EXERCISE. People who exercise frequently consume more calories, in particular from dessert, because they feel they deserve a treat.

·EXCUSES. People seem to always find a rationale to eat more. We are influenced by thoughts like, “I wanted to start my weight loss program today, but today was a difficult day”, or “today is a day to celebrate”, or “it’s Friday”…..or whatever.

·DRINKING. You will serve 20 percent more beverage in a short, wide glass than a tall one.

·BUFFET. People ate significantly less at a buffet if the food was covered.


  • ·Use smaller bowls
  • Use smaller dinner plates
  • Package things in smaller containers, especially if you shop in bulk
  • Store foods that are healthier in front and center of your cupboards, so it’s the first thing you see
  • Don’t serve family style
  • Use smaller spoons
  • Use 100 calorie packs instead of eating out of large bags
  • Put your fruit bowl on your counter instead of in the refrigerator

95 percent of the population has a hard time with “mindful eating”. Our lives are way too chaotic to accommodate that. Screaming kids running around our homes, endless to-do lists, thoughts about work, and other distractions make it difficult to stay in control. The solution is to set up your environment to eat less, by ridding your closets and refrigerators of junk food.

References: Nutrition Action Healthletter, May 2011

What to expect when you work with us!

Our programs help you achieve remarkable results!  If you are ready to change your thoughts and change your life, choose one of our classes and services to achieve results like Rosanna!


Whatever your challenges, our program is customized for your needs and fitness level. Be the best version of yourself in less time than you ever imagined!


  • Get laser-focused on your goals and what you want to achieve
  • Identify why your goals are so important to you!  What is going to keep you fired up?
  • What would it mean to you to achieve your goals?
  • Set milestones and break your longer term goals up into smaller, short-term goals.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

I understand that I’m one of the lucky few who actually likes to work out. I crave it. I need it. Without, I go a bit batty. But I know that for most of the population, I’m in the minority. Working out is a chore. Another to-do on a list of items. Hell, the word “work” is in it. But there are some easy yet specific ways to motivate yourself to exercise. 

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

1. Put on your cutest workout apparel and your springiest shoes. Sometimes just putting on the right gear can help you go from workout motivation zero to hero. So put on the good stuff that makes you feel extra cute, and lace up those running shoes. It simply feels weird to just sit around in stuff you’re supposed to move in. So, for us, this simple act actually gets us moving!

2. Set a big goal that slightly freaks you out. One way to motivate yourself to exercise? Set a goal that’s big and public. Obviously you want your goal to be reachable (remember those SMART goals?), but you also want it to be one that you can’t procrastinate or slack on. Sign up for a 5K or a longer race like a half or full marathon. Tell your friends, co-workers and family about. Have someone to be accountable to, and it’s amazing the kind of workout-motivation fire you’ll start under your fit bottom!

3. Promise yourself something once you’re done. And we don’t mean chocolate cake! Be sure to give yourself regular non-food rewards like a new magazine, a long, hot bath, a massage—anything that feels good and motivates you. If only big-ticket items get your workout mojo going, pay yourself a dollar or so for every time you hit the gym. Then once you have the money you need to get your reward, you get to go shopping! It’s a total investment in your health and yourself.

4. Set realistic expectations of yourself and enjoy it. Yeah, so this may seem to contrast with No. 2, but there’s a difference. It’s easy to not want to work out when you think it’s going to be an hour or more of torture. So instead of setting the bar so high that you stop before you even start, tell yourself that you just have to be active for 10 minutes. That’s it: 10 minutes. Then, if you feel like going longer, you can. No pressure though. Nine times out of time (unofficially), you’ll want to keep going.

5. Stop over-thinking it. Sometimes you just have to stop thinking, wondering and playing the mental back-and-forth guilt match of “I so should work out, but I don’t want to!” and just do it instead. Tell your nay-saying brain to hush and work out anyways. As long as you’re not overtraining, you’ll feel better after you work out and those happy endorphins are kicking around.

Come join us at our BOOTCAMP classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Make new friends and motivation partners or bring someone you know and motivate one another.