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Anxiety Solution Program for Business Leaders

This course will allow you to completely overcome anxiety, depression, self doubt, overwhelm and insecurities.
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Private Hypnosis Sessions 

Private Sessions with Susan Urban, CH, are available in person or online via Zoom. Hypnosis helps you create positive outcomes when you’re ready for a change.   Hypnosis is not something done “to you”! It is more like a dance. Susan will lead you through a variety of steps or techniques that move in the direction of change. Much like a GPS, you always have the right to reject suggestions. But you have a destination in mind and Hypnosis helps you get there in the most direct and effective way. Sooner or later you realize you can lead the dance on your own.

Lose Weight
There is no one-size-fits all weight loss program. There are many aspects contributing to weight gain including stress, emotions, portion sizes, lack of exercise, etc. An effective program is designed with each individual client in mind. A short conversation will help steer you in the right direction and give you an idea of about how many sessions it will take for your goal.

Stop Smoking
Are you afraid to stop because you believe it will be too hard? The cravings, the jittery feeling, the “bitchiness”? Let Susan help design a session package for you with success in mind.

Eliminate Fears
Whether your fear is of spiders, public speaking, or anything in between, Hypnosis helps you to delete the fear response and install a calm response instead.

Relieve Stress
Stress is the leading cause of most illness and pain. Why not discover easy techniques to control your stress which leads to a happier, healthier life and often lower blood pressure too!

End Bad Habits
Whether it’s nail biting, hair pulling, or any other bad habit, a combination of hypnosis and NLP techniques are the easiest and most effective ways of getting automatic changes.

Improve Sleep
Improved sleep is a natural side effect of nearly every hypnosis client. Imagine how comfortably and completely you will sleep when you discover self-hypnosis techniques designed for deep sleep.

Enhance Sports Performance
You are probably already aware that most Olympic and professional athletes use hypnosis for successful performance. Find out how it will help you specifically in your endeavors.

Defeat Symptoms of Fibromyalgia or IBS
Check the Mayo Clinic Web site and ask your doctor about the effectiveness of hypnosis for controlling or eliminating symptoms of Fibromyalgia or IBS. Your doctor’s referral may qualify you for insurance reimbursement for hypnosis services.

Increase focus, concentration and memory
When your concentration is so poor you can’t even pay attention, it’s hard to achieve the goals you set for yourself. When you can’t remember your goals, it’s difficult to move forward. Rewire your thinking to have it work for you rather than against it. Hypnosis helps open the mind for directed attention.

Of course, Hypnosis can help you put your mind to any change you desire. While you do not need to be relaxed to be hypnotized, some people enjoy a session for simple relaxation as much as they enjoy a monthly massage. Some people enjoy the insight they receive from exploring hypnotic time travel to past lives or future outcomes. Your belief system allows you to use your mind in any way you choose.

About Time Line Therapy®

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced at least one bout of crippling self-doubt.  For example, you may have felt you didn’t deserve that promotion or raise – so you didn’t ask for it. Or perhaps you subconsciously sabotaged a serious romantic relationship – one with a lot of potential – because, deep down, you didn’t feel worthy of love.  Perhaps you’re battling painful emotions that stem from childhood trauma or struggle to suppress the panic that arises in social situations.  If so, then you’re probably a very good candidate for Time Line Therapy®.

Time Line Therapy® is a unique blend of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and cognitive behavioral concepts.  This powerful therapeutic model is based on the premise that our self-perception, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors stem from everything you’ve learned and experienced in life – including how you look at those experiences.  Your “time line” is a complete collection of your memories, held in your brain like a sort of mental photo album.  Time Line Therapy® can be used to treat psychiatric disorders such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety.  In fact, it’s so effective for anxiety that both the British military and Russian psychologists have used it to treat soldiers suffering from PTSD.  It can also be very beneficial in helping you reach your goals, have greater success in life, and make empowering decisions that align with your deepest desires and values.

Understanding the Unconscious Mind

In order to have an idea of how Time Line Therapy® works – and why it’s so powerful, it helps to understand the unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind is simply comprised of all the things of which you’re not presently conscious.  Many people assume that their actions, decisions, and learning all occur on a conscious level. However, the unconscious mind plays a significant role in each of those things.  That’s why it’s essential that changes occur at the unconscious level – at least if those changes are to be lasting, which, of course, is usually the desired outcome of therapy.  When you learn something it’s stored – permanently – in your unconscious mind.  It may not seem that way, because you were likely conscious while you were learning.  Much of your behavior is more unconscious than you realize.

Consider all the things you do each day that are essentially automatic – pushing on the brakes to slow and stop your car, putting cream in your coffee, or climbing a flight of stairs.  You don’t stop and consciously consider each step involved; you do it unconsciously, while your mind is focused on something else.  The same is true of change.  How many New Year’s resolutions have you made, determined that this would be the year you stick with them – or at least with one or two of them.  Yet, despite the best intentions, you quickly fall back into your old ways – for the 19th year in a row. Time Line Therapy® is effective because it recognizes just how powerful the unconscious mind is and why change must occur at that level.

Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind

Your mind is essentially hard-wired to do certain things.  This is a crucial point to recognize in Time Line Therapy® as it provides the framework for the process.  Your unconscious mind:

  • Stores all your memories (it stores them both in relation to, and not in relation to, time)
  • Organizes all your memories (it looks for associations, and links or categorizes them accordingly)
  • Generates and maintains all your emotions
  • Represses unresolved traumatic and painful memories (these are the ones that get “stuck” and create internal blocks)
  • Presents repressed memories so that negative emotions can be resolved
  • May keep those memories oppressed at times to protect you
  • Keeps your body functioning
  • Preserves your body when faced with serious danger
  • Takes direction from the conscious mind
  • Enforces learned morality
  • Filters and controls the huge amounts of information that come in through the senses
    (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell)
  • Manages the body’s energy
  • Generates and maintains habits and instincts / habits require repetition to take hold in the unconscious
  • Constantly seeks more (e.g. this is why the excitement of something new quickly wears off)
  • Works best with the least number of required parts
  • Relies on, uses, and responds to symbols
  • Uses as little effort as possible (i.e., takes the path of least resistance)
  • Perceives everything as
  • Can’t process negative input (that’s why it’s crucial to frame everything in the positive, rather than the negative)

Disorders, Conditions, Symptoms, and Issues that can Benefit from Time Line Therapy®

One of the most impressive characteristics of Time Line Therapy® is that it can be used to treat many different psychiatric disorders and symptoms, as well as physical conditions. It can also be very beneficial for helping people overcome challenging life issues and overcoming the seeming obstacles that have hindered them from having the life they deserve.

Time Line Therapy® can help those struggling with:

  • Anxiety, including phobias and fears
  • PTSD and other issues related to unresolved trauma
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Painful emotions that continue to resurface
  • Unresolved grief and loss
  • Addiction
  • Insomnia
  • Self-doubt
  • Low motivation and apathy
  • Feeling “stuck”
  • Procrastination
  • Chronic pain
  • Somatic disorders
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Migraines
  • Major life transitions

    Benefits of Time Line Therapy®

    Time Line Therapy® offers many potential benefits, including the following:

    • Finally let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
    • Have a better understanding of past events that impacted your life
    • Overcome debilitating phobias
    • Release, once and for all, destructive or painful emotions, such as anger, fear, grief, feelings of unworthiness, regret, hurt, sadness, guilt, jealousy, hostility, and anxiety
    • The ability to face the future with optimism and hope, rather than dread or anxiety
    • Relief from stress
    • Freedom from troubling, intrusive thoughts
    • Overcome bad habits
    • Increase your capacity for success in all areas of life
    • Feel empowered rather than helpless
    • Overcome the impact of past trauma
    • Increase your self-confidence
    • Overcome the obstacles that have been keeping you from living the life you desire
    • Have more fulfilling interpersonal relationships
    • Increase your income
    • Find a more fulfilling and / or rewarding job or career
    • Find yourself living more fully in the present, no longer dwelling on the past or worried about the future
    • Overcome personality issues that have negatively impacted your life
    • Improved ability to achieve your goals
    • Face challenges from a position of strength

    Advantages of Time Line Therapy®

    Time Line Therapy® has many advantages, particularly when compared to more traditional forms of talk therapy.  These include the following:  Results can occur very quickly – Rather than spend months and maybe even years rehashing your story about past trauma or ongoing conflict with your mother, Time Line Therapy can produce lasting, desired results in a very short amount of time by.  This is because it quickly zeroes in on the heart of the problem.

    Although sessions often last 2 to 3 hours (compared to the standard one hour with traditional therapy), many people experience significant results within just one or two sessions with a skilled practitioner.  For example, individuals suffering from phobias often overcome them with just one session of Time Line Therapy®.  Working through troubling emotions and limiting beliefs may take a little longer, often requiring 2 to 3 sessions (3 to 6 hours total).

    If you’re seeking a more intensive “breakthrough” (a sort of “overhaul” of your life), 8 to 10 therapy hours will likely be necessary (these can be broken down into just two or three therapy sessions).  Breakthrough work helps you discover what you really want (i.e. determine your most important goals) based on your true values.  It’s cost effective – Many people are reluctant to pursue more traditional forms of therapy because of the significant investment of both time and money.

    Time Line Therapy® Gets to the Root of the Problem

  • If insurance doesn’t pay – or if you have to pay a substantial co-pay when it does – treatment can be quite expensive at an average of $125 per hour.  Because TLT works much more quickly – by getting to the root of the problem – the overall cost of treatment will almost always be much less expensive.  This makes it a much more cost effective – and affordable – option for many individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get into therapy.  It’s “content-free” and won’t re-traumatize you – This advantage of Time Line Therapy® makes it an excellent alternative, particularly for anyone whose primary issue involves past trauma.  Most people don’t relish the idea of opening up old wounds, analyzing every aspect of an event, or talking about deeply painful issues.
  • Rather, your unconscious mind will be able to sift through all the internal chatter and repressed memories, and rapidly zero in on the root cause.  It’s active rather than passive – Some people get discouraged in talk therapy because, after all, it seems as if they’re wasting their time and money. They want to see results, not just watch their bank account dwindle!  With Time Line Therapy®, you will actually be doing something about it.  It’s easy to learn – Time Line Therapy® clients often appreciate the fact that they can easily learn how to apply the therapeutic techniques on their own, if needed, down the road.Entire chains (Gestalts) of a troubling emotion are released – This is perhaps one of the most powerful advantages of Time Line Therapy®.  Rather than clearing the emotion (e.g. sorrow or anger) related to a specific trauma, Time Line Therapy® gets to the core of the problem and enables you to release all of the painful emotion – in other words, all the sorrow or anger you’ve been experiencing. Results are lasting – Again, because Time Line Therapy® gets to the root of the problem, it brings about lasting results.  Limiting beliefs and troubling emotions are released once and for all, not just for a period of time. Deep levels of hypnosis aren’t necessary – Unlike many therapies that involve hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® is effective without getting deep into hypnosis.  In fact, this is one of the reasons results can be achieved more quickly. Ready to schedule your Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy® session?  Call Susan Urban Fitness at (516) 817-3537 or email us.   

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I feel so much less anxiety….

Over the summer I had several sessions with Susan Urban regarding my anxiety. She explained to me that each person has a different process and used hypnosis for me. Before this I didn’t really believe in hypnosis but I was willing to try. After our sessions my mode has been overall better and I feel so much less anxiety on a daily basis. As well as not having so much anxiety about things such as school, now I almost look forward to school on some days. I highly recommend Susan Urban, she helped me so much.

Tyler Skye Stoch


UPDATE, April 2019: Tyler’s mom later shared with me that her SAT scores went up by 50%!!! She seemed like her entire personality had changed, her test anxiety was gone and she looked forward to spending the weekend with her friends, instead of staying cooped up in her apartment feeling anxious about leaving the home and meeting new people. 


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A huge thank you!

I am writing to you today to say a huge thank you for all that you gave to our members at our September Meeting held on September 8th in Garden City. The time, effort, and intensive style techniques which you demonstrated during the meeting were absolutely something that every single member has commented positively on. You offered a unique and powerful combination of knowledge merged with conscious living practices and calming and powerful wisdom. I guess you really unleashed some motivation, freedom and great synergy among all of us. Not easily done as our members are very focused, driven, and extremely intelligent, not to mention open and friendly to change. I wanted to express my thoughts on the value you brought to the group. It really and truly was a wonderful gift to all of us. I was amazed at the power of respect and trust everyone had as you asked them during the demonstration to do exactly what you portrayed and they did. You are an inspiring and encouraging coach and we all learned quite a bit from you at the meeting.

I welcome you again in the future and hope that you will visit our meetings from time to time.

Thanks from the Long Island Breakfast Club. We Meet We Eat and We Seek! www.longislandbreakfastclub.org

Valentina Janek, President

Back pain resulted in sleepless nights…

The past 2 weeks I have been working with Susan Urban – certified hypnotherapist. At first I thought hypnosis was just for TV, but Susan proved me completely wrong. Before I met Susan, I had a fear of failure with ballet and was suffering from a back injury. This interrupted with my performances and class work. I have also never slept well but back pain resulted in sleepless nights.

Although, in just 3 sessions, I had overcome my anxiety of failure and was sleeping soundly every single night. I had got results and FAST! My pain levels went from an 8 to a 3. I couldn’t believe it. I had tried muscle relaxants, cutting out sugar and massage, but hypnotherapy was the only thing that helped excruciating pain.

Susan taught me how to manage pain, sleep and anxiety with exercises and voice recordings. If I ever have these problems again, I know how to fix them. That’s what I love the most – I don’t have to rely on anyone now when I have these problems.

– Sammy Cessario

Anxiety and Perfectionism

I started seeing Susan during a stressful period in my life, chiefly to help address the tremendous amount of anxiety I was having around public speaking, as well as to work on my tendency toward perfectionism.

When I first met Susan, I was finding it difficult to speak up in meetings at work, and was faced with the challenge of speaking at a very large conference. I felt completely overwhelmed.

Susan not only gave me tools for dealing with the physical symptoms and mental anguish I experienced around public speaking, she also helped me unpack how my perfectionism was affecting my daily life.

After only a short time, I was feeling much more capable of handling the stressors in my life, so much so that my partner and other around me were remarking the difference.

I am much kinder to myself now, and I can’t express how much freer I feel in my life because of that change.

I highly recommend Susan’s help with tackling any anxiety issue, and for perfectionism in particular.

Recovered Perfectionist, 53 years old

September 14, 2018



Are you a Business Professional who has ANXIETY, SELF DOUBT, and OVERWHELM? Join my FREE Private Facebook group and learn how to achieve CONFIDENCE and CALM