Personal Fitness Training

Nothing beats the luxury and comfort of in-home-personal training.

Why travel to a distant health club, or rush to overcrowded classes on a pre-set timetable? At Susan Urban Fitness we adapt to your schedule. Being able to workout in your home gives you the flexibility, privacy and the professionally-supervised attention you need to maximize your results.

You don’t need a home gym or lots of space to work with a trainer.

You don’t have to work out for hours to get into the best shape of your life.

We are specialized in using minimal “equipment” and creating exercises that anyone can do from home. You have everything you need in your home to begin today!  The Susan Urban Fitness Mind and Body training sessions are designed with your goals in mind.  We provide everything you need to succeed.All Personal Training sessions are one hour in length.  As well as training in your home, we can go outside into the garden or local parks or even bring our services to your workplace.  Please contact Susan Urban Fitness at (516) 817-3537 or email us.

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Change your thoughts and change your future!  Susan Urban Fitness will help you achieve optimum fitness in body and mind!