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It’s Time to Take Back Control WORKSHOP SERIES

Looking for workshops that motivate, inspire and inform?  Susan Urban is a motivational speaker with workshops that help you take back control of your business, your weight and your life!  Her passion and enthusiasm make are  the perfect forum for her to inspire and inform the participants of each workshop.

Attendees will easily apply her techniques into their daily life for an amazing lifestyle transformation!

About Susan Urban

Susan Urban

At Susan Urban Fitness, we are in the business of changing lives.   We work with highly motivated people who want to make a life transformation and become the best version of themselves. Our business provides lifestyle solutions for women over 40, but our techniques benefit any age.

Professional speaker, Susan Urban, is proud to use her tools as a Certified Hypnotist, Practitioner in NLP and Time Line Therapy to help you achieve results you have only been dreaming about.   At Susan Urban Fitness Mind and Body, we help you achieve optimum fitness in body and mind!

In addition to our fitness training and classes, we offer online nutrition and fitness programs that will inspire and motivate you.  The information contained in these self-directed programs will encourage your lifestyle changes to be your personal best.  Change your mind and change your life…with Susan Urban Fitness Mind and Body.

You can contact Susan Urban at (516) 817-3537 to arrange for her to facilitate the workshop of your choice.

32 Stuart Place,
Manhasset NY, 11030

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