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I just wanted share some facts with you.

I went to my endocrinologist yesterday and she told me since my last bone density (3 years ago) my spine has increased by 3% and my hip by 10%.

She asked me immediately if I was exercising and she was amazed on how during menopause I was increasing my bone density instead of decreasing it. She was particularly impressed with the spine. She was shocked.

I also had a history of taking Lipitor for my high cholesterol. At my last cardiologist appointment there was no need for me to continue with the medication.

Another amazing feat since high cholesterol runs in my family. Just thought I would share this news with you.

Thank you Susan for keeping me motivated.”

Sheila :0)

Just wanted to say how awesome today’s workout was!

I was able to do everything and had more strength today!

Also, dropped my daughter off to gym and the condition for 1 ½ hour!  I can do the same plank she does b/c of you! I am so excited.

Just wanted to share, thanks so much for being so awesome Susan.


I really don’t know what to say that won’t sound sappy

The truth of the matter is I was in a rut turning 55 yikes I can barely get that off my tongue! I was out of shape and I had a wedding coming up. I felt like even starting some kind of a program would be overwhelming but for some reason I saw your fb post regarding boot camp. I convinced my friend to join with me .We both were scared out of our minds. You welcomed us with open arms. You offered us love, guidance , encouragement and most of all a whole new lifestyle. Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back a new life !!

I love you so very much!


Thank you! I just love your enthusiasm

You make me feel great. Last March I could not do a plank for 20 seconds, now a minute no big deal….SO psyched. Today I was a little sore but felt so much stronger from our workout yesterday. My posture is better and my legs feel so much stronger.


I am feeling excellent

Another great success for me last night – another social event – with cocktails and appetizers to start – I was able to abstain from all alcohol all night, and also enjoyed celery and carrot sticks with guacamole….nothing else!

Then, for dinner, enjoyed a large salad with sliced steak – hold the blue cheese!

I felt great about my ‘willpower’ or lack of desire for any of the bad things…..it was very easy – not really willpower….

I thank you for all your care and support … I have to tell you that I have NEVER done anything like this in my life…

I thank you for all your care and support … I have to tell you that I have NEVER done anything like this in my life…Boot Camp or any other programs like this!
I don’t like to go to the gyms, it’s just not my style.
So I am truly NEW at this whole thing.
I was hesitant about doing this as I thought it was going to be too tough for me but after about 2 workouts with you, plus all the great ladies there, I felt more confident and I told myself that no one will judge me.
I really have to watch what you demonstrate to us as I am clueless on how to do the moves.

So, for the first time in my life, I am proud to tell everyone that I have joined an amazing Boot Camp with an awesome coach! I felt it right away that this was ok for me to do.

I know I sound a little childish but this is all the truth and I wanted to tell you this so you know where I am coming from.

Hi Susan, I really need to share this with you!!

I am so excited to say that I went to buy jeans today for myself and I wanted to try a size 6….well….they fit, and it is all because I did your 6 Week Transformation Challenge. I am a changed woman and so ecstatic. I thank you so much for this wonderful, healthy change in my life!! I just love each and every session of our workouts. You have our best interest in all of us and it’s just amazing.
Thank you!!

Rosy, 5

Going way out of my comfort zone

I started doing Susan Urban’s Transformation Program in March of 2015.  It has been life-changing for me. This is the longest I’ve stuck with any program, other than being on a team as a kid. Susan is always positive and motivating, a true role model. The women in our group, my urbansisters, are fun, non-judgemental and motivating, too.We do a lot of laughing along with our mission. Thank you Susan!

Lauren M.

Susan is truly an excellent coach. She is thoughtful and a pleasure to talk to.

Through consistent, positive feedback and encouragement, she taught me how to have the right attitude towards food and exercise. Because of her efforts, I lost 6 lbs. in just 8 weeks. I highly recommend Susan due to her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and enthusiastic commitment to her work and clients. 


Wow, Susan! 30lbs! That is fantastic!

What a huge change in your life! A wonderful change and you manage to keep it all off! You are an amazing role model for me! I love to read and listen to everything you have to tell us as it is really important to me! I needed this self discipline! I can’t let all my hard work go down the drain and start bad habits again! This program really changed me and my life! I feel it and it feels great and your whole self esteem changes! I keep going and it’s the first thing I think about when I get out of bed now! It’s so inspiring!” xoxo

Rosanna, New Hyde Park

One Week of METAFIT and I see the benefits!

I started METAFIT a few weeks ago and have already started to see the benefits. The endorphin rush after the thrashing 30 minute workout is worth it and stays with me for hours after – no doubt with the extended calorie burn.  It’s a very focused work out with absolutely not even one minute wasted. As a Mom efficient use of time is of utmost importance to me – especially if I am getting the results I am after.  I am looking forward to the 6 week challenge so I can really push myself to higher limits and hopefully improve my half marathon time later this year. 

Carolyn, Manhasset


METAFIT has truly changed my life.

METAFIT has truly changed my life. Not only in terms of weight loss (6 lbs!) but also my energy levels and motivation to do more exercise.  I am riding my bike for the first time in years and loving it. Metafit gave me the energy and the motivation to get off the couch!

Angela, Roslyn 56 yrs. old

I have tons more energy with METAFIT

I have tons more energy since working with METAFIT to chase my three kids around and I am loving the new and improved version of me! Thanks Susan. You are a true inspiration!

Randi, Roslyn

METAFIT has done wonders for me.

METAFIT has done wonders for me.  Not only have I managed to lose quite a few stubborn pounds over the last few months, but I have become much stronger and fitter.  It has helped with my running, and now find longer distances much easier, and I don’t avoid hills anymore either, as my “metafit legs” have much more stamina. Another positive side effect is also the great comments I receive from friends regarding the change in body shape. I LOVE  Metafit!! Thanks Susan.

Emma, Manhasset

I feel so much less anxiety….

Over the summer I had several sessions with Susan Urban regarding my anxiety. She explained to me that each person has a different process and used hypnosis for me. Before this I didn’t really believe in hypnosis but I was willing to try. After our sessions my mode has been overall better and I feel so much less anxiety on a daily basis. As well as not having so much anxiety about things such as school, now I almost look forward to school on some days. I highly recommend Susan Urban, she helped me so much.

Tyler Skye Stoch


UPDATE, April 2019: Tyler’s mom later shared with me that her SAT scores went up by 50%!!! She seemed like her entire personality had changed, her test anxiety was gone and she looked forward to spending the weekend with her friends, instead of staying cooped up in her apartment feeling anxious about leaving the home and meeting new people. 


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A huge thank you!

I am writing to you today to say a huge thank you for all that you gave to our members at our September Meeting held on September 8th in Garden City. The time, effort, and intensive style techniques which you demonstrated during the meeting were absolutely something that every single member has commented positively on. You offered a unique and powerful combination of knowledge merged with conscious living practices and calming and powerful wisdom. I guess you really unleashed some motivation, freedom and great synergy among all of us. Not easily done as our members are very focused, driven, and extremely intelligent, not to mention open and friendly to change. I wanted to express my thoughts on the value you brought to the group. It really and truly was a wonderful gift to all of us. I was amazed at the power of respect and trust everyone had as you asked them during the demonstration to do exactly what you portrayed and they did. You are an inspiring and encouraging coach and we all learned quite a bit from you at the meeting.

I welcome you again in the future and hope that you will visit our meetings from time to time.

Thanks from the Long Island Breakfast Club. We Meet We Eat and We Seek! www.longislandbreakfastclub.org

Valentina Janek, President

Back pain resulted in sleepless nights…

The past 2 weeks I have been working with Susan Urban – certified hypnotherapist. At first I thought hypnosis was just for TV, but Susan proved me completely wrong. Before I met Susan, I had a fear of failure with ballet and was suffering from a back injury. This interrupted with my performances and class work. I have also never slept well but back pain resulted in sleepless nights.

Although, in just 3 sessions, I had overcome my anxiety of failure and was sleeping soundly every single night. I had got results and FAST! My pain levels went from an 8 to a 3. I couldn’t believe it. I had tried muscle relaxants, cutting out sugar and massage, but hypnotherapy was the only thing that helped excruciating pain.

Susan taught me how to manage pain, sleep and anxiety with exercises and voice recordings. If I ever have these problems again, I know how to fix them. That’s what I love the most – I don’t have to rely on anyone now when I have these problems.

– Sammy Cessario

Teresa Lost 18 Pounds!

Before and after Teresa, 52. lost 18 pounds with our Six Week Transformation Program.

Dee lost 30 pounds!






Anxiety and Perfectionism

I started seeing Susan during a stressful period in my life, chiefly to help address the tremendous amount of anxiety I was having around public speaking, as well as to work on my tendency toward perfectionism.

When I first met Susan, I was finding it difficult to speak up in meetings at work, and was faced with the challenge of speaking at a very large conference. I felt completely overwhelmed.

Susan not only gave me tools for dealing with the physical symptoms and mental anguish I experienced around public speaking, she also helped me unpack how my perfectionism was affecting my daily life.

After only a short time, I was feeling much more capable of handling the stressors in my life, so much so that my partner and other around me were remarking the difference.

I am much kinder to myself now, and I can’t express how much freer I feel in my life because of that change.

I highly recommend Susan’s help with tackling any anxiety issue, and for perfectionism in particular.

Recovered Perfectionist, 53 years old

September 14, 2018



Are you a Business Professional who has ANXIETY, SELF DOUBT, and OVERWHELM? Join my FREE Private Facebook group and learn how to achieve CONFIDENCE and CALM